Spring Snowmobiling in Whistler

Discover the Magic of Spring Snowmobiling

Unleash your sense of adventure with Canadian Wilderness Adventures' Spring Snowmobiling Tours in Whistler's breathtaking backcountry.

Why Spring is the Perfect Time for Snowmobiling in Whistler

Discover why spring is the ideal season for snowmobiling in Whistler, and get tips for an unforgettable adventure with Canadian Wilderness Adventures.

6 Tips for Beginner Snowmobilers

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Canadian Wilderness Adventures Whistler Snowmobile Tours

What to Bring With You When Snowmobiling in the Backcountry

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Whistler Electric Snowmobile Tour

The movement towards Electric Snowmobiles

The electric snowmobile is not something that is going to be…
Whistler mountain snowmobile

10 Commandments for The Mountain Snowmobiler:

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Whistler snowmobile tour at night

Night Snowmobiling - 25 years of Whistler's best night activity

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Canadian Wilderness Adventures Whistler Snowmobile Tours

Snowmobile to breakfast at our private backcountry cabin

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Canadian Wilderness Adventures Whistler Fondue Dinner

Fondue Tour wins Canadian Signature Experience award

This exclusive dining experience is recognized by The Canadian…