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Advanced Wilderness First Aid – 40 HOURS

This course has become a minimum standard for outdoor professionals who work in a wilderness setting. Course content extends far beyond urban-based first aid programs to include elements inherent in working on remote sites beyond the reach of Emergency Medical Services.

Topics Covered

WFA theory and practice, with a special emphasis on accident scene management, group leadership, rescuer responsibility and liability, prevention of injuries, advanced first aid kits, wound management and managing the trauma victim.

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Bridge to First Responder – 50 HOURS

Bridge to Wilderness First Responder is designed for individuals who wish to upgrade their Advanced Wilderness First Aid certification to Wilderness First Responder. Course curriculum is at the level of the Emergency Medical Responder.

Topics Covered

Course content includes elements and material required for multi-day excursions, and dealing with medical emergencies in locations that are days away from medical care. Emphasis is placed on prevention, practical skills, decision making and dealing with environmental conditions. Additional topics include group leadership, responsibility and preparation for wilderness excursions. CPR/AED is included at the Health Care Provider (HCP) level.

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Wilderness First Responder – 80 HOURS

This program is designed for search and rescue personnel, outdoor professionals working in remote settings and those requiring a solid foundation in wilderness pre-hospital emergency care.

Topics Covered

In addition to reviewing material covered in the 40-hour program, this program covers traumatic injuries, incident command, long-term patient care, leader responsibility and liability, advanced first aid kits, wound cleaning, evacuation procedures, helicopter safety, altitude, search and rescue, and working with Emergency Medical Services.

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Certified Snowmobile Training Courses


These courses are the only snowmobile programs recognized by Worksafe BC.  Taught by our certified instructors these courses are designed to give you the skills to operate your snowmobile safely and effectively in the field.  Course content for the Avalanche Skills Training (AST1) and material developed by the CAC; and the snowmobile operator courses are provided through the BC Snowmobile Federation (BCSF).  The AST 1 is a prerequisite for those who want to go on to do the Avalanche Operations Level 1 Snowmobile Course with the Canadian Avalanche Association.

At Canadian Wilderness Adventures we have been training our guides to safely lead beginners into the wilderness for 20 years and as a result are a world leader in our specialized area of expertise – snowmobiling!  Canadian has been at the forefront of snowmobile tours and training and has helped the BC Commercial Snowmobile Operators with their “best operating standards” for guided tours in BC.  Along with adopting the training standards and guidelines provided by the BCSF, CAC and the BCCSOA, our highly skilled guides have become instructors and have credibility through years of experience.

We have easy access to alpine bowls and BC’s finest snowmobile playground which allows us more time to learn about our surroundings and the power of the mountain!

Our one day BCSF Safe Operator course is for anyone who uses a snowmobile, whether it be for work or play anyone can benefit from being a safe operator.  As an added bonus receive a 10% discount when insuring your snowmobile with Capri Insurance just by taking the safe operator course.

Our two day course (industrial) is intended for those who need a snowmobile for work, it is Worksafe BC recognized and takes your skills one step further. 

 1 Day – Safe Operators Snowmobile Course$175 plus 5% GST

This 1 day program gives you an overview of how to safely operate and maintain your snowmobile, what to look for internally and externally, as well as ensuring you have the proper equipment with you when you are going for a ride.  This program is meant to either refresh your snowmobile techniques or will allow a complete beginner to handle their first ride.

2 Day - Industrial Snowmobile Operator – $350 plus 5% GST

 This BCSF 2 day program covers the Safe Operator and Worksafe requirements as well as more complex riding skills, loading and unloading your equipment and ensuring your machine is ready for a day at the office.  A building block course that starts off with maintenance, safety, day and night travel, plus more extensive riding techniques for those who are required to travel off the beaten path.  Oh and we’ll show you how to get unstuck when you venture too far off the path.

Industrial Snowmobile Operator Itinerary

Combo Package – Industrial Snowmobile Operator Course plus Avalanche Skills Training 1 - $575 plus 5% GST

This course is a condensed program that covers the 2 day Industrial Snowmobile Operators course and a 2.5 day AST1 in 3 days with an evening session on day1.  The course is intended to provide your staff with critical decision making skills that will allow them to complete your project efficiently with safety first.   This course has classroom and field components that will allow ample time to learn key aspects of snowmobile use on trail and in more difficult terrain.  This program will provide you with Worksafe BC regulations Part 16 – competency of operator/mobile equipment and will be a basis for regulations Part 4.1.1 – snow avalanche assessment.

Snowmobile Avalanche Skills Training (AST) 1 – $350 plus 5% GST

This course is a “must do” for anyone snowmobiling in the mountains!  Using national course standards developed by the Canadian Avalanche Center (CAC), this snowmobile specific course teaches you entry level decision making framework and basic backcountry safety for your group.  The program starts with an evening session for classroom learning, followed by two full days in the field. 

Course Dates: TBA

AST 1 Snowmobile Courses

2.5 days – First day is evening course, followed by 2 full days in the field


BCSF Safe Operator, Industrial or combo courses – book individual course or combo package – Industrial Snowmobile and AST1

Day 1 – Safe Operators course and evening session for AST 1

Day 2 – AST 1 field day and industrial operator second day

Day 3 – AST 1 field day

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Additional Course Information for all Snowmobile programs:

Ride your own snowmobile, it must be in good running order (and Canadian’s Instructor have the rights to decline use of machine), or rent one of our 4 stroke BRP Expedition Sports (600ACE or 900 ACE).  Machines are available on first come first serve basis, please book in advance.

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