Canadian Wilderness Adventures Whistler Canoe River Golden Dreams Alta Lake

Know Before You Float – Canoeing down the River of Golden Dreams

Canadian Wilderness Adventures Whistler Canoe River Golden Dreams Alta Lake
Floating the River of Golden Dreams and the various lakes in Whistler are a local’s favourite pastime in the hot summers. Here are a few things you should know before you float:

1. There are no ‘shops’ to stop and make purchases

2. There are no washroom facilities along the River of Golden Dreams

3. Stay Hydrated! Make sure to bring water with you.

4. Avoid Heatstroke. Bring Sunscreen and a Hat.

5. Dress for the weather.

6. Stay Energized! Bring snacks.

7. Bring Extra Clothes

8. Be respectful of the environment. There are no garbage bins. Please pack out what you pack in.

9. All boats including the inflatables require a bail bucket and a buoyant heaving line.

10. Some Lakes and the River are glacier fed and can be very cold.

Whistler canoe and float combo package

New CANOE and FLOAT combo package!

Whistler canoe and float combo package

Canadian has partnered with West Coast Float to offer the perfect combo package for those looking to enjoy a double floating experience of nature and relaxation.

Voted Whistler’s number one thing to do, not only by visitors but by the locals, our River of Golden Dreams Canoe Tour is the ideal way to experience the journey.   An enchanting journey from lake to lake, the River of Golden Dreams is a Whistler summertime classic. Begin your adventure by paddling across the historic Alta Lake where you will pass the original site of Myrtle Phillip’s summer fishing resort. Following families of ducks and geese into the lush river mouth you’ll paddle through flowing lilies and around bends of overhanging greenery. Flowing with the current, use the strokes our guides taught you to navigate the winding river and steer through narrow passages . As the river opens up again on the other side you’ll get picked up at Dream River Park and enjoy a snack before being returned to the village.

Then you can compliment the experience with a new-to-Whistler experience that will blow you away with it’s amazing benefits.  Floating speeds athletic recovery, relieves pain, stress & sleep deprivation, deepens meditation, encourages visualization & creativity.  The practice involves floating in 10” of water with 650 lbs of Epsom salt, allowing you to be completely buoyant.  The water is heated to the same temperature as your skin and the float pod is light and sound proof. Floating is unique in that it provides exactly what you need using the same three factors – reduced gravity, sensory deprivation and Epsom salt.  Floating is a unique activity to offer to Whistler guests and locals alike.  More information about West Coast Float.

River of Golden Dreams Canoe Tour & West Coast Float Combo
Adult $155.00

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