Snowmobile Operator First Aid Course Whistler


Canadian Wilderness Adventures has been offering first aid, first responder, snow safety and instructor courses for 25 years. Our course conductors are exceptionally qualified instructors who will provide you with the most up-to-date information available. We pride ourselves on being leaders in safety instruction and training courses because we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy the mountains safely and responsibly.


Avalanche Skills Training 1 for Snowmobilers

2 Day – Avalanche Skills Training level 1 – $370* +  5% GST

Upcoming Dates

Feb 20-21   |   Feb 24-25   |   Feb 27-28


This course is a “must do” for anyone snowmobiling in the mountains!  Using national course standards developed by Avalanche Canada this snowmobile specific AST 1 course teaches you entry level decision making framework and basic backcountry safety for your group.  The program starts with an online (zoom) session for classroom learning, followed by one full day in the field.

You Will Learn

The Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 Course will provide a beginner level decision-making framework that is based on Avalanche Canada curriculum. It is designed as an introduction to backcountry safety.


At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the basics of avalanche formation and release.
  • Identify avalanche terrain.
  • Know the steps to plan and carry out a trip
  • Use the Avulator2.0 as a decision-making tool
  • Use appropriate travel techniques in avalanche terrain
  • Carry out a companion rescue


A shovel, probe and avalanche transceiver (minimum digital 3 antennae) are required for both days and a snowmobile is required for day 2. If you don’t have access to this equipment we have rentals available which you can add to your order during the booking process. The Callaghan valley trail access fee of $20 is included in the price of the course.


Additional Information

Additional Course Information for all Snowmobile programs:

Ride your own snowmobile, it must be in good running order (and Canadian’s Instructor have the rights to decline use of machine), or rent one of our 4 stroke BRP Expedition Sports (900 ACE).  Machines are available on first come first serve basis, please book in advance.

  • Rental rate is $525/day including fuel, helmet, goggles, gloves, pants, jackets, boots
  • $40/day plus tax Collision coverage is available with a zero deductible or a pre-authorization on your credit card is required for snowmobile rentals
  • $20/day trail access fee required
  • Must be 19 and have a valid driver’s license in your country of origin for snowmobile rentals
  • Must have transportation to the training facility in the Callaghan Valley, pre-arranged transportation is available
  • Minimum 4 clients required for course to operate, unless rentals are required, then minimum is 2 clients
  • For field days you will require extra outdoor gear, food, water and anything else you need for your day in the backcountry
  • Each participant must have a basic knowledge or previous riding skills
  • Complete Avi Pack (shovel, probe, transceiver, backpack) available to rent for $50