Reconnect to nature in Whistler

5 Ways to Enjoy Spring in Whistler

Spring, to many people, means the arrival of allergies or a time to do a big clean. To us here at Canadian Wilderness Adventures, it is a time to truly experience Whistler. Here are 5 ways to enjoy Spring in Whistler:

Beautiful spring evening in Whistler village


Spring is the perfect time to explore without large crowds. Whether it be walking the village stroll, biking the valley trail, exploring the numerous hiking trails, or joining us on one of our tours, there are many ways to experience what Whistler has to offer.

Scallop dinner Whistler

2. EAT

If there is a restaurant you were hoping to try, now is the time to do so. Many of the restaurants in Whistler offer discounted 3-5 course menus during the Spring season. Pick up a copy of Pique Newsmagazine to find out more.

Scandinave Spa Whistler


The Scandinave Spa is currently offering 25% off all Bath Access passes (Monday to Friday). The Scandinavian baths are a perfect way to relax while enjoying a beautiful view.

Reconnect to nature in Whistler


Now is the perfect time to reconnect with nature.  As a society we are always online and connected. Take time to reconnect with nature by joining us on our new hiking tour. This tour is designed to inspire people to think differently about the environment and the world around them.

Play in Whistler in both summer and winter


The Spring season offers the best of both worlds here in Whistler. In April and May you can ski or snowboard in the morning and mountain bike or golf in the afternoon. There are activities for everyone!

Hokey pokey gold rush tour Whistler

Pony Patio Party at Whistler Brewing Company

Join us on Sunday, April 26 for a PONY PATIO PARTY at the Whistler Brewing company from 12-8pm.

Come by for a cold one, stay for the BBQ and meet some of Canadian’s horses.

Pony patio party in Whistler with horses and beer


O’Neill’s Road Trip Warriors Explore Whistler by 4×4

O’neill ambassador Erica Craig just posted a great story about her experience exploring Whistler on a Jeep 4×4 Tour with Canadian Wilderness Adventures.

Blackcomb Jeep tour

Crystal Hut Whistler by jeep

Whistler horseback tours

Canadian Wilderness Adventures Introduces Horseback Adventures


On July 12, 2014 CWA will be welcoming guests on Horseback Tours in the Callaghan Valley. These tours will be guided by Larry Veilleux, Casey Raimondo, and Bailey Raimondo.

Larry E. Veilleux

Larry E. Veilleux was born and raised in southern Alberta and has been around horses and livestock his entire life. Being able to share the spirit, personality and uniqueness of each horse with clients has been a wonderful experience. Just like people, horses have bad days; at Canadian Wilderness Adventures we respect that and have a rest and recreation pasture where horses can be allowed to take a break when we see the need for it. Having traveled extensively globally, with work commitments, Larry knew there would be a time when he could devote his time fully to his passion for horses. “Our horses came to us like a bunch of rowdy school kids at their first day of school. Everyone was an individual with various life experiences from previous owners. Now, we have a herd, which is tightly knit and each horse misses the other one when one is gone.” The horse experience is fun and we hope to give our clients a unique learning and riding experience coupled with the most gorgeous scenery and terrain.

Casey Raimondo Whistler Pemberton

Casey Raimondo is a born and raised Sea t0 Sky local, growing up in Pemberton. Casey has spent countless hours in the mountains on her horses and her dirt bike, and she is very knowledgeable of both the wilderness and the wildlife. Casey got her first horse, Rusty, when she was four, whom continues to be her best friend today.  Since the day she got him she has not gone a day without being a horse owner. Over the years Casey has competed province wide on her horses in barrel racing, and has had much success. In 2013, Casey graduated from a two year course and is now an Equine Sports Therapist, specializing in massage, chiropractic’s, saddle fitting, and holistic medicine for horses.

Bailey Raimondo Whistler Pemberton

Bailey Raimondo, Casey’s younger sister, was also born and raised in Pemberton. Bailey has owned horses her whole life, and has spent endless hours in the saddle exploring the mountain ranges of the sea to sky valley. Since Bailey was very young she has been traveling on the rodeo circuit with her sister, Casey, competing in barrel racing.  Bailey is a recent graduate from Pemberton Secondary School and will be attending the University of Victoria for nursing in the Fall.

The tours we will be running are:

Hokey pokey gold rush tour Whistler

HOKEY POKEY – Gold Rush Tour

This tour is for the faint of heart! The horse’s power will be felt but speeds will be kept to a minimum for your comfort level. You will ride  nice and easy wide trails to stunning viewpoints and to the historic Northair goldmine. From here you can marvel at the valley below!

Departure: 9AM

Duration: 3 hours round trip from Whistler

Price: $159 Adults, $129 Kids 10 – 12 years

Minimum age: 10 years old

Alexander Falls Whistler

HIDDEN VALLEY – Waterfalls Trip

Are you ready to step into real nature? This tour rides deep into a stunning old growth forest that is so quiet you might even hear your heart beat. The horses will take you along a wagon trail path that follows the gorgeous Callaghan creek. Expect to see 1,000 year old trees, get energized by the 150 foot waterfall and relish in the beauty of the area with the horses. It is as if you returned to the olden days.

Departs: 12:00PM & 3:30PM

Duration: 3 Hours

Rate: $159 Adults, $129 Kids 10-12 years

Minimum age: 10 years old

Photos by Kate Mada Photography 

Play in Whistler in both summer and winter

CWA is sponsoring Whistler Outdoor Photography Summit again for 2014

Last year Canadian Wilderness Adventures was a sponsor for the local annual Whistler Outdoor Photography Summit.  This year we will be sponsoring again.  2013 participants in the general outdoor photography workshop got transported by our Jeep’s up to our beautiful Sproatt cabin in the Callaghan to take advantage of the stunning terrain and vista’s.  The rainy and muddy weather only added to the beauty of the Callaghan which can be seen in the Whistler Outdoor Photography Summit 2013 video:



Whistler Outdoor Photography Summit poster


Bear walking on grass in Whistler

5 Things to Remember When Viewing Bears


Now that Spring has fully arrived in Whistler, the bears have emerged.  Though they are very majestic and beautiful to watch please be smart when viewing these animals. Here are a few things to remember:

1. All bears are individuals

Bears are very similar to humans in that they each have a distinct personality. Just like humans their personalities are derived from nature and nurture. That being said every disturbance that bears experience has an impact on them. Bears are very intelligent and sensitive to their surroundings. Try to minimize your impact on them.

Bear standing up

2. Be weary of a bear’s “critical space”

Just like humans with their personal space, bears have “critical space.” This space is the area around each bear that they may defend. That is why keeping a safe distance is important. If you notice a change in the bears behavior you may be within the bear’s critical space. Time to back up!

Karate Bears Whistler

4. Bear Viewing on the roads

We all love bears; We all love watching bears; We don’t love getting into car accidents. If you are stopping to watch a bear please make sure you are in a safe area. Don’t pull off alongside the highway to watch a bear, as it is not safe for the cars behind you. Make sure to maintain a generous distance between your vehicle and the bear. Standard distance is 100 metres (about the length of 7 school buses). Don’t call out or whistle to attract the bear’s attention for a photo. All noises or actions that might stress bears should be avoided. Don’t do this when viewing bears:

Leave bears in Whistler alone

5. Bears love FOOD

Yes that means they like your garbage, or that half eaten granola bar in your car, they will try to eat both. Make sure to lock up your garbage and avoid leaving food in your car. If you do leave food in your car, you may return to see this:

Bear in car Whistler

For more information about bears or safety tips please check out Bear Smart.

Canadian Wilderness Adventures Whistler Snowmobile Tours

Yukon Breakfast Snowmobile Tour on Shaw TV

Recently Shaw TV visited us for a Yukon Breakfast Tour.  The story is airing this week on Shaw TV, channel 4. You can catch it during the show, Go! Sea to Sky starting this evening. The show runs for a full week, key times to watch are 7-9am, 11am, 3pm, 5, 7, 9 & 11pm.  Here is our own segment.  Thanks Shaw!



Whistler mountain snowmobile

10 Commandments for The Mountain Snowmobiler:

Whistler mountain snowmobile

Canadian Wilderness Adventures knows what it is like to get stoked on heading out and up on what looks to be like an epic day…bluebird, lots of fresh pow…but please remember to always play it safe.  Canadian Avalanche Centre has these 10 Commandments to always keep in mind.

Know the current avalanche forecast

Have a plan for your trip & choose terrain based on the avalanche forecast

Have a Plan B for simpler terrain if avalanche conditions are at all questionable or have changed rapidly

Ensure that everyone in your group has a properly working avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe on
their person and knows how to use it

Only allow one person on a slope at a time

If crossing an avalanche path expose only one person at a time

Watch or gather in safe area, never in avalanche run out zones or terrain traps

Always pay attention to snow conditions and the terrain above you as you move through areas

Gather frequently in safe areas, and discuss your route observations

If you others in unsafe situations, speak up

Canadian Avalanche Centre logo


Canadian Wilderness Adventures snow safety course Whistler

Canadian Wilderness Adventures is a leader in Snow Safety


Canadian Wilderness Adventures snow safety course Whistler

Canadian Wilderness Adventures has safely been operating Snowmobile Tours and offering various leading snow safety and instructor courses for 20 years.  Our approach to safety has multiple strategies and focuses.  Canadian leaders are exceptionally qualified.   Craig Beattie, CWA’s General Manager is a senior instructor for BCSF (British Columbia Snowmobile Federation), the only one in the local tour community.  Canadian offers the BCSF Industrial Snowmobile Operators Course to industry & public in addition to providing our guides with the best safety training.  This course provides hands on snowmobile safe operation training and certification.  Please contact us for more information about the course.  Our Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 Course (snowmobile or ski/snowboard) can be done in conjunction with the Industrial Snowmobile Operators Course as a 3 day program or separately if you just want to learn!

Canadian offers snowmobile rentals for courses as well.  We pride ourselves in not only having an amazing safety track record but also in being leaders in safety instruction to the community that is our home. For more information visit our courses page.

Whistler snowmobile tour at night

Night Snowmobiling – 20 years of Whistler’s best night activity


Whistler snowmobile tour at night

For 20 years Canadian has been offering Whistler’s best night adventure, night snowmobiling up Blackcomb Mountain. After the mountain activities stop for the day Canadian offers exclusive access to the mountain by your own snowmobile. The night sky come to life each night, equally enchanting on the clear nights or the storm nights, there is nothing else like it.  The village lights glow below as you climb to the Crystal Hut.  From up here under the night sky, you can get the most epic view possible of Whistler.  As you climb wide switchback trails the bright headlights shine on the snow, glistening magically.  The ultimate night adventure for couples as you have a cozy romantic ride on your own snowmobile under the beautiful night sky of Whistler.  To learn more about each tour: The Night Rider, Blackcomb Mountain Safari, or Crystal Hut Fondue dining tour by snowmobile or snowcat… have a look at our night tours.