Acquiring the HemLoft

On April 11, 2013 The Pique News Magazine revealed that it was time for The HemLoft to find a new home. When I stumbled upon the article I knew that this ‘secret acorn’ would fit perfectly at our base in the Callaghan Valley.

Hemloft at Canadian Wilderness Adventures

Not knowing how Allan would be making his selection I blindly submitted my proposal and crossed my fingers that Canadian Wilderness Adventures would be chosen. After anxiously waiting to hear from Allan, I finally received the phone call revealing the fate of the treehouse: it was to join our collection of refurbished and recycled buildings!

Canadian Wilderness Adventures HemLoft

The HemLoft is our way of being able to celebrate the forest and what it represents. It will be an art piece showcasing what Whistler truly represents: nature and ingenuity. The exact date of reassembly is still unknown at this point, as we are currently searching for the perfect tree. However, I can tell you that it’s new home will be nestled amongst 1000 year old trees in the Callaghan Valley.

Stay tuned to hear how the next chapter of the HemLoft’s life unfolds.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped us dismantle the HemLoft; as well as to Nester’s Liquor Store and The Bearfoot Bistro for their donations.

7 responses to “Acquiring the HemLoft”

  1. I host a podcast about neat stuff in Canada and I had the chance of actually visiting The Hemloft once before. I was looking at writing a story about my adventure and wanted to give the audience an update on it, if you had any new info? Thanks!

  2. Brittia Thompson says:

    Not yet. Still in the approval process.

  3. Alex Dales says:

    Is the hemloft back up yet? I’m taking a trip to Whislter in August and would love to see it

  4. Brittia Thompson says:

    It isn’t yet! The plans have just been approved.

  5. Katie Beth says:

    Is the Hemloft up yet? We’re coming to Whistler in April 2018 and would love to see it!

  6. CanadianAdventures says:

    We are currently just waiting on permits and once they are approved it will be constructed in the beautiful Callaghan Valley.

  7. Anna says:

    Is the hemloft tree house found a home .. I would love to come up too see it

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