Whistler Medicine Trail

The Whistler Insider features our new Medicine Trail Guided Hike

The Whistler Insider feature a nice article by Feet Banks about our new guided Medicine Trial Nature Walks.

“There is much we can learn from a walk in the woods around Whistler but there are also generations of knowledge and wisdom we’ll never tap into alone. Indigenous peoples have been living in these mountains and utilizing local rainforest plants and trees for millennia and Canadian Wilderness Adventures guide Mel Kardif is happy to share some secrets of the local flora as she leads us along The Medicine Trail in Whistler’s Callaghan Valley.” Read more…

Whistler Medicine Trail Whistler Medicine Trail Whistler Medicine Trail Whistler Medicine Trail

Whistler mountain snowmobile

10 Commandments for The Mountain Snowmobiler:

Whistler mountain snowmobile

Canadian Wilderness Adventures knows what it is like to get stoked on heading out and up on what looks to be like an epic day…bluebird, lots of fresh pow…but please remember to always play it safe.  Canadian Avalanche Centre has these 10 Commandments to always keep in mind.

Know the current avalanche forecast

Have a plan for your trip & choose terrain based on the avalanche forecast

Have a Plan B for simpler terrain if avalanche conditions are at all questionable or have changed rapidly

Ensure that everyone in your group has a properly working avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe on
their person and knows how to use it

Only allow one person on a slope at a time

If crossing an avalanche path expose only one person at a time

Watch or gather in safe area, never in avalanche run out zones or terrain traps

Always pay attention to snow conditions and the terrain above you as you move through areas

Gather frequently in safe areas, and discuss your route observations

If you others in unsafe situations, speak up

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