Exploring Whistler's Callaghan Valley By Snowshoe

Have you ever wanted to walk on water? Snowshoes let you do that!

I have never strapped tennis racquets to my shoes and walked to school in the snow, uphill both ways. But one winter in Alaska, I had a job to do outdoors, and the ATV was in the shop. I spent eight hours walking outside, in three feet of snow. Snowshoes saved my life. The next […]


Electric Snowmobile

The movement towards Electric Snowmobiles

The electric snowmobile is not something that is going to be available tomorrow, but it is coming and Canadian Wilderness Adventures is committed to help lead the charge. In December 2008 Canadian previewed and tested a prototype electric snowmobile that was assembled by the McGill University Electric Snowmobile Team, with roughly $24,000 in research funding […]


couple riding a snowmobile on blackcomb mountain as the sun sets

Flight Network’s “48 Hours in Vancouver and Whistler” features Canadian Wilderness Adventures’ Whistler Snowmobile Tour.

The travel experts at FlightNetwork.com recently traveled to Vancouver and Whistler in search of the best ways to spend 48 hours in these iconic cities. The Canada-based global travel agency found our Canadian Wilderness Adventures Blackcomb Mountain Safari as one of the top ways to spend a limited amount of time in the region. The […]



Coming Soon: Snowbikes!

Snowbikes, or Timbersleds as they are most commonly known, are the latest trend in the snow industry and Canadian has started testing them! Snowbikes are dirt bikes designed for winter use. A ski replaces the front wheel, and a track kit is fitted into the rear. They are more nimble than a snowmobile and great […]


Yukon Breakfast Snowmobile Tour in the Callaghan Valley – Sproatt Cabin

Yukon Breakfast Snowmobile Tour Named Top Canadian Winter Experience

  There’s nothing more Canadian than snowmobiling through the backcountry of British Columbia, then chowing down on an old-fashioned Yukon-style mountain feast. Those of us at Canadian Wilderness Adventures aren’t surprised our Yukon Breakfast snowmobile tour was named one of the Top 50 Signature Winter Experiences in Canada by the travel experts at FlightNetwork.com. However, […]


The Hemloft in its original home in the Whistler woods. Photo: Kyle Graham

The Iconic Whistler Hemloft lives on

Wondering what happened to the Hemloft? Mountain Life did a feature on this mysterious acorn-shaped treehouse and Canadian Wilderness Adventure’s plans for it’s future.  Read about how Whistler’s favourite treehouse, The Hemloft, will be repurposed.


Snowmobiling in Whistler

What to Bring With You When Snowmobiling in the Backcountry

Any experienced or professional snowmobiler will tell you that when you are in the backcountry, your safety and survival teeters on two things; your raw instincts and the backpack. While you can’t do much about the former, you can control how good or complete the latter is. If you are wondering how this is possible, […]


Canadian's backcountry Cabin on Sproatt Mountain

Thank You for Your Support

The Canadian family would like to extend a deeply heartfelt Thank You to everyone who supported in our permanent zoning of the Callaghan Valley. We are proud to announce that the zoning has been approved and we will be breaking ground in the near future.  Thank you to the 70 people who attended the public […]


ATV & Jeep Salmon Bake Tour

Summer in Whistler with Canadian Wilderness Adventures

Thank you to everyone for an amazing summer season at Canadian Wilderness Adventures. Our summer in Whistler was full of ATV’s, 4×4 Jeep Tours, Off-Road Buggy Tours, Canoe Tours, Horse Tours, and our famous Crystal Hut Salmon Bake. There is no better way to spend your summer in Whistler than with us!


Fall at Canadian

Fall Schedule

The leaves have begun to fall and Autumn has arrived. We will be switching to our Fall Schedule starting September 19th. We will also be offering $20 OFF our ATV & Off-Road Buggy Tours!